"Finally, a weight-loss plan that helps you lose weight!"
By Kathy Y.

Although she’d maintained a healthy weight for most of her life, Kathy Y’s body seemed to undergo an irreversible change after having children. “I tried so hard to lose weight,” she says. “I’d run and exercise for months–and drop only a few pounds. I also used to live on brownies and candy,” recalls Kathy. “Plus, when you live in Hawaii, every meal has lots of rice.” But after trying The Daily Shake she discovered her love for the shakes and Protein Bar snacks. Kathy adds, “I never felt any need to sneak
junk food.” Now Kathy is where she wants to be. “I’m in great shape, keeping the weight off, and enjoying delicious meals and snacks! This program took me from a size 9 to a 4!” *

Before: 137 pounds
After: 120 pounds
Pounds lost: 17

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

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